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Laminate Flooring in Katy, TX

Laminate Flooring in Katy

The last thing you want to worry about is the durability of your new floor. Spills and accidents happen, so you need a surface that is up to the task. To get the most for your money, choose laminate flooring in Katy, TX. We are proud to provide plenty of outstanding options for everyone from homeowners to trade professionals. Our 10,000-square-foot showroom is stocked with affordable flooring from wall to wall. When you need a stunning floor that retains its value, we recommend wholesale laminate. Our showroom is your source for reputable brand names that improve any interior.

We leverage our purchasing power with the most trusted manufacturers to keep our prices lower than the competition. You will not find better rates anywhere else, so there is no need to price shop after partnering with our showroom. This means you can get started your flooring project right away. We even handle bulk orders for laminate wood flooring. No matter if you are outfitting a bathroom or an entire hospital, our showroom has you covered.

Wholesale Laminate with Stunning Designs

Because we carry the top brands, our wholesale laminate features attractive designs that fit any style. Because laminate is manufactured flooring, it is made to be beautiful and durable. In fact, manufacturing is what gives laminate the authentic appeal of natural hardwood or ceramic tile.

Each piece of laminate consists of layered construction. On top is a clear protective layer that allows you to see through to the design layer. In this layer is a quality image of a plank of hardwood or square of tile. Laminate flooring looks like the real things because you are looking at a picture of the real thing. Underneath this is the substrate layer, which provides stability and at the bottom is a backing layer that keeps moisture out.

As you can see, manufacturers have made laminate into a gorgeous, tough, and moisture-resistant material, which makes it ideal for remodeling projects. This material is available in a wide array of natural styles that resemble different species and finishes of hardwood, as well as tiles that look like ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. This floor covering is manufactured to withstand wear and tear. As laminate flooring resists moisture, it holds up well in any room of a house.  

Laminate Wood Flooring Ready for Any Room

It is no coincidence that laminate wood flooring appears most often in kitchens and bathrooms. It has outstanding water-resistance and durability that you can rely on. Each piece is made from multiple layers, giving it great flexibility without losing any resilience. Laminate withstands everything from spills to heavy foot traffic. We recommend it for families with pets or any interior with lots of activity. After your laminate floors are placed, they remain beautiful for years and years.

Choosing this material for a home remodel brings the glossy finish of hardwood to that space. Lovely laminate comes with all the grain and whorls you see in wood, but at a lower price tag. Contractors and homeowners alike save money when choosing our wholesale wood-look laminate.

Affordable Laminate Floors Need Only Minimal Maintenance

Many of our customers choose our affordable laminate floors for the simple fact that they are easy to clean. You will not be spending all afternoon scrubbing your surfaces with toxic cleaners just because someone spilled a drink. Since the material repels water, it only takes a quick mopping to restore your floor. Free up your busy schedule by choosing the stunning laminate flooring.

Since laminate flooring is a great mimic, it imitates many natural materials. One of the most popular is laminate tile. You get that classic beauty that comes with tile, but this flooring costs less and requires only minimal upkeep. Any room that you can decorate with tile, you can decorate with laminate tile. Benefit from the look of high-end flooring with more affordable prices and reduced care and maintenance.

It is easy to brighten up any room with our affordable laminate tile floors. You are sure to find a style to love at our showroom. When you are here, you will discover why so many of our customers are choosing laminate for their flooring projects.

Contact our specialists to start picking out the right laminate flooring for you. We proudly serve clients in Katy, Cypress, Sealy, Fulshear, and the West Side of Houston, Texas, as well as the surrounding areas.

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